School Ball Season 2015 Wrap Up

11 August 2015Posted by: NZDJ

Here at NZDJ it's been our biggest year to date with 40 school balls, playing to over 11,000 students. Our visual productions this year have gone to a whole new level and are un-matched by any other DJ company in the country. Check out some photos and videos from the season and...

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Christmas Party 2015 Bookings

24 June 2015Posted by: NZDJ

2015 is flying by and bookings have already started coming in for our busy Christmas Party season! Dates in November/December are filling up fast so if you're planning your companies end of year work function and want a memorable night with awesome music then contact us today to get a quote for DJ entertainment.

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School Ball DJ Season - June 2015

23 June 2015Posted by: NZDJ

11 Schools, 3500+ students, massive visual productions and this month we've been DJ'ing school balls in both the North & Sound Island! It's been a massive month for the NZDJ team! Check out what we've been doing here and see why NZDJ are New Zealand's top School Ball DJ's.

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Co2 Cannons & Co2 Gun Hire!

09 June 2015Posted by: NZDJ

Festivals and night clubs all over the world use Co2 Cannons and Guns to take their visual productions to a whole new level. Keeping up with the global scene, NZDJ has the latest in Co2 and cryo technology so you can add another element to your event. Read more here about what Co2 technology we have and why you need to add Co2 special effects to your event!

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School Ball DJ Season - May 2015

01 June 2015Posted by: NZDJ

7 Schools, 3600+ students, and that's just month one of our 2015 School Ball DJ season! It's been an awesome first month for the NZDJ team. Check out what we've been doing here and see why we are New Zealand's top School Ball DJ's.

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ZM Team & Photobooth at YOUR School Ball Free!

27 May 2015Posted by: NZDJ

Here at NZDJ we love working with awesome groups of people! The team at the radio station ZM are the definition of an awesome group of people. If you'd like the ZM team to come to your school ball and bring their ZM Photobooth with them, then find out how you can have it at your school ball for FREE here!

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Auckland School Ball DJ's

18 April 2015Posted by: NZDJ

NZDJ are known for creating legendary school balls! We work with every school to create a completely customised experience through incredible sound, epic visuals and the perfect mix of music. We also have a large array of special effects like confetti, Co2 cannons and pyro elements that we are also using this school ball season. Read more about what we can do here!

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School Ball DJ Hire - What You Need to Know...

04 March 2015Posted by: NZDJ

Right now schools around NZ are forming their School Ball committee's and beginning to plan their school ball and we already have nearly 20 schools confirmed for the 2015 season. Click here to read about how we can work with your school to make your Auckland school ball DJ, sound and lighting the biggest and best its ever been!

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NZDJ at Auckland Cup Week 2015!

25 January 2015Posted by: NZDJ

Auckland Cup Week is a staple in Auckland City's events calendar and NZDJ is going to be there playing tunes on all three of the Cup Week race days! Click here to find out more about Auckland Cup Week and how you can get involved.

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School Ball DJ Hire 2015

25 January 2015Posted by: NZDJ

2014 was a massive year for NZDJ's Auckland School Ball DJ Hire services. We provided the sound, lighting and music at over 35 School Balls which makes us the number one School Ball DJ company in Auckland. It was so much fun, we worked with thousands of students and can't wait for the first School Ball of 2015! We have some exciting lighting visuals for 2015...

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