Co2 Cannon & Cryo Jet Hire

10 January 2017Posted by: NZDJ

Our Co2 Cannons and Jets have been at nightclubs, events & festivals all over NZ recently and we've just increased our hire stock. Take your event to international standards with our Co2 special effect systems plus find out about our brand new Co2 Guns...

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Co2 Cannons & Co2 Gun Hire!

09 June 2015Posted by: NZDJ

Festivals and night clubs all over the world use Co2 Cannons and Guns to take their visual productions to a whole new level. Keeping up with the global scene, NZDJ has the latest in Co2 and cryo technology so you can add another element to your event. Read more here about what Co2 technology we have and why you need to add Co2 special effects to your event!

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