Our confetti cannons have been raining confetti over people at events all over Auckland & the rest of NZ in the past few years.

If you want to add another element to your event and wow your audience then confetti and streamer cannons are it. They can be rigged at any angle, on the ground or from the ceiling, and can cover a large, or small area.

They are perfect for awards evenings and you can set them off after the grand prize winner is announced. Or at a fashion show as the final big bang. We also use them often and parties and set them off as a the chorus of a song drops.

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We have access to confetti of all shapes and sizes, in every colour of the rainbow and more. You also have the choice of metallic or paper confetti. Often we match the confetti to our clients company colours or the theme of their event.

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Chat to us today to enquire about what type of confetti and effects machine would best suit your event. We can talk through the options you have available to you with our confetti cannon and streamer cannon hire systems.

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