Uplighting enhances any room no matter the size or condition of the room. A splash of colour around the room can transform any venue from plain and dull into one of beauty and spectacle.

For a wedding specifically it's a great way to enhance the mood and if your special day has a specific colour aesthetic, uplighting can compliment this theme. This also applies to corporate events, product launches, birthdays; basically any event!

What is uplighting?

An elegant beam of light that is placed against a wall or column to enhance the look of the venue. This beam of light can be set to any colour or colours & at any angle to fit your needs.

How does uplighting work?

LED light fixtures are placed on the ground facing a wall, column, or any other element of the room you would like to illuminate. Colours are then set to the appropriate look and feel that you would like to enhance the room to. Our lighting can be set to either stand alone (single colour), custom program that alternates colours through out the event, or sound activated (changes with music).

We use LED lighting fixtures for all our events. These are the safest lighting options available in the market. LED lights use multiple small bulbs that project a bright beam of light that is cool to the touch. These fixtures cannot harm small children who usually become curious and try to touch the fixtures.

If you're interested in adding this visually spectacular feature to your event then just ask us about our event uplighting. One of our lighting co-ordinators can walk you through your options and work with you to recommend a lighting scheme that will complement and enhance your function or event.

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