NZDJ Service Terms & Conditions

By engaging NZDJ's services you agree to the below Terms & Conditions.

  1. NZDJ agrees to provide quality sound equipment, recorded music, Disc Jockey (and/or MC by agreement) entertainment and lighting equipment at event address as stated in original quote.
  2. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances such as death, serious illness or injury to the DJ, unexpected mechanical delays or failures, or acts of nature, the Client agrees that all efforts will be made to secure another appropriate DJ/MC or equipment for the night. If for any reason this is not possible the Client's deposit and balance shall be refunded in full by NZDJ, PLUS an additional 25% of total agreed fee.
  3. Should Clients cancel this event NZDJ will retain deposit as liquidated damages unless the date can be rebooked for at least the same total fee. Any cancellation after the deposit has been made must be in writing.
  4. Should Clients postpone this event for any reason less than 4 weeks from function date, NZDJ will retain deposit as liquidated damages unless the date can be rebooked for at least the same total fee. Accommodation will be made whenever possible to reschedule cancelled or postponed events but are subject to availability and receipt of a further advance payment.
  5. For outdoor performances, Clients shall provide side and overhead shelter for set-up area. Should NZDJ be forced to terminate performance after commencement due to weather that cannot be protected by Client's provided shelter, total performance fee is due.
  6. Client ensures venue has all appropriate amplified music licensing and performance permits.
  7. Client agrees to ensure the safety/security of the performance area and allows NZDJ the option to terminate performance if Client, their agents or guests interfere, impede, or constitute a nuisance to NZDJ where the integrity, quality, or safety of NZDJ equipment and/or performance shall become detrimentally affected. In this event, Clients shall pay the total performance fee regardless of the length of performance.
  8. Client accepts full financial responsibility during the time of performance for loss or damage to NZDJ sound, lighting, music library, or personal property and equipment that is caused by themselves, their contractors, agents or guests at the event.
  9. NZDJ is not responsible for power failure or power outages. If such event occurs, total performance fee is required. NZDJ will do their best to keep your guests entertained until the power comes back on, or until contracted time expires.
  10. In the event of a dispute, both parties shall agree upon a payment or refund amount. If not resolved, Client agrees such matter will be acted upon subject to the laws of New Zealand. If legal advice is sought to protect the rights of NZDJ, losing party will pay the legal fees for both parties, plus all court costs, if any.
  11. If Client does not pay the bill by the due date for payment, the Client will pay any costs incurred in recovering the money owed including an automatic $50 administration fee plus 10% of the total bill for every month outstanding.
  12. Approval of overtime is to be agreed between Client and NZDJ and is payable to NZDJ at event at the rate of $150.00 (plus GST) per hour or part hour.